Low Density


Colonial Bag Degrade-Away™ Linear Low - 33 x 45, Buff

The Oxo-Degradable additive breaks down the long hydro-carbon bonds of the plastic reducing the film strength and eventually providing a nutrient source for microbes. These microbes eat the broken down molecules reducing what was once plastic to water carbon dioxide and reusable biomass. This process requires oxygen and can occur at the top layers of a landfill or in the presence of sunlight heat or stress. Depending on conditions, this process can take between 2 months and 5 years. 100% degradable. Meets ASTM D6954-04 for degradable plastic.  10/15/cs

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Colonial Bag Linear Low Density Standard Bulk Liners

Made from a blend of premium linear low density resins, these economical liners feature superior stretch and tear resistance and are designed to handle ordinary waste removal. Flat packs.

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Colonial Bag Premium Liners

Heavy gauge film to handle demanding loads. Popular with municipalities and industrial manufacturers.

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