Colonial Bag Blue Recycling Liner - 38 x 48, 1.3 gauge

Made from virgin hexene resins. Perfect for recycling applications. Unprinted. Coreless rolls.  10/10/cs

Manufacturers Item #CCB44GAL
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Colonial Bag Hi/Lo Blend Can Liners

Go Green! Our Hi/Lo series of liners help meet source reduction guidelines by conserving resources and reducing municipal solid waste. Made from a blend of virgin linear low and high density polyethylene, these ultra-strong liners are made to replace "repro" style bags. They provide greater consistency than repro bags and unmatched puncture resistance. If you're using heavy gauge repro liners, consider Colonial's competitively priced Hi/Lo replacements.

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Colonial Bag Super Hex Coreless Rolls

Super Hexene liners provide exceptional puncture and tear resistance and are ideal for loads with sharp and heavy objects. Puncture and tear resistant. Prime virgin hexene resins. Promotes source reduction. Leak-proof X-seal. Designed without gussets to eliminate gaps along the seal where leaks can occur. Gray.

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